Key Features

Block inappropriate content

Supports iOS devices

App Management

Dashboard to monitor usage

Parental Control App Uk - iNet Guardian

Set device access times

See what websites have been visited

Limit device bandwidth utilisation

Let your children enjoy a Safer Online Experience

Looking for iOS parental controls for your child’s iPad or iPhone then use iNet Guardian, available in the App Store. It is the best parental control app for iPhone.

Apple iPhone Parental Controls

When you cannot be there to keep your children safe, we will be. Trust us to block inappropriate content, over 100 million sites blocked with our service. An estimated one in three users of the Internet are children Source so it is so important to make their online experience as safe as it can be.

iNet Guardian has been developed by parents for parents. We understand the challenges you as a parent face in trying to keep your family safe online and we are there to help you.

Use iNet Guardian to let your children have a safer online experience.”

ios Parental Controls - iNet Guardian

iPhone 6 Parental Control to Block Inappropriate Content

Did you know that the average age that a child is exposed to pornography is 11. You cannot always be there to ensure that your children do not see inappropriate content. With iNet Guardian we block over 109 million sites, allowing your child to have a safer online experience. Talking to children about what to do when they see inappropriate content is still the best thing we as parents can do, parental guidance is primary and iNet Guardian allows a parent to minimize the chances that their child will see anything inappropriate.

You cannot always be there to keep them safe, when you can’t we will be. iNet Guardian is the app to use if you want iOS parental controls

iOS Parental Control App to App Management

Depending on the age of your child there are Apps that are risky or inappropriate for children. We scan the childs device every hour and send you an email if we find any apps that we feel are risky. You can then make an informed decision about whether to keep the app on the childs device.

We work with you to allow you to have conversations with your children about staying safe online. Use iNet Guardian as your trusted iOS parental control app.

iphone Parental Controls - iNet Guardian
ios Parental Control App - iNet Guardian

iOS Parental Controls to Set Access times

iNet Guardian allows you to set times that the device can connect to the Internet. This allows you to ensure your children use it at agreed times. These times can be set differently for each day if required

iNet Guardan Online Dashboard

The iNet Guardian online dashboard allows you to see at a glance how many web sites have been visited, how many have been blocked, a list of all the apps that are installed on the phone, and also a timeline of the web sites visited.

This information allows you to have important discussions with your family on how to stay safe online.

Make iNet Guardian your iPhone parental control app of choice.

iNet Guardian Parental Control App
Parental Control App Uk - iNet Guardian

Best parental control app for iPhone

Download iNet Guardian today for your iOS device to give you iOS parental controls that help you keep your family safe. Sign up for your FREE trial today…

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iPhone Parental Controls - iNet Guardian

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