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Children’s safety in an online world 

As parents we face an unprecedented challenge in the form of technology. Parenting has always been about teaching and guiding our children, often from the lessons we learnt from our parents. Teaching our children to ride a bike, helping them learn how to play an instrument, teaching them how to play chess or one of our other favourite board games. We share their frustration and their elation and fill their lives with childhood memories.

Technology has changed the face of parenting forever and its often the case that our children understand more about technology than we do. We want our children to understand why they need to stay safe online and enjoy a safer online experience but as parents we are often unsure about how to do this and as such we often do nothing and hope they will know what to do if they come across any inappropriate content online.

This is where iNet Guardian can help you as a parent. With over 2 million websites in the block list it will block inappropriate websites from your childrens device. You can set the times that the device can access the Internet and don’t worry if your children switch from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G as all traffic on the device is routed to our server and checked to make sure it is appropriate. Soon the iNet Guardian service will scan the device for any apps that are deemed risky and send you an email as well as display the risky apps in the online dashboard, allowing you as a parent to make an informed decision about what apps to keep on the device. It will also block any apps that you don’t want your children to install onto their device. We are launching the App Management service soon.

The more that children understand the reasons for them to stay safe online the easier it is to incorporate online safety into their everyday lives. We feel that our responsibility as providers of Parental Guidance software and services (we don’t like the term Parental Control as its more about Guidance than Control) is to not only provide the tools to do the job but to provide parents and carers with up to date information about trends in their children’s online world.

When you install iNet Guardian on the device it will create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and route all the traffic on the device to our server. The server will check that the device is allowed access to the website and will log the site in the dashboard so that you can see it in the timeline. iNet Guardian will also check if the whether the device has any time based restrictions set (you can set what times of day the device is allowed to access the Internet) and if there are no restrictions then it will display the website otherwise the site will be blocked with a message.

We are Paul and Johanna Ford, co-founders of Edge IT Ltd who have created the iNet Guardian service. We have a combined 40 years’ experience in the IT Industry. After having a young family of our own, we took the decision to develop an easy-to-use tool that can help parents and carers to manage their children’s online world.

One of our key initiatives is to help parents guide their children to a safer online experience and help them educate their children to build a positive digital footprint. We regularly update our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/inetguardian), our Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/inet_guardian) and our Blog (http://www.inetguardian.blog) to allow parents to stay in touch with the latest online trends and developments. As parents ourselves living this challenge daily we have first-hand experience and knowledge and we have coupled this with our technology background to help get the best out of technology for our children and yours.

iNet Guardian allows parents and carers to have informed and practical discussions with their children, leading to a safer and more educational online experience. The aim of the service is to give parents quick and easy access to their children’s activity (via a dashboard), while allowing children to explore the internet in a safe and protected way.

Why not sign up for our FREE 90-day trial and see how iNet Guardian can help your family have a safer online experience. After the 90 day trial it costs less than a cup of coffee a day, with prices working out at 16p a day with prices starting at £3 a month for 3 devices.

iNet Guardian Parental Control App

iNet Guardian will protect a device on a Wi-Fi connection, 3G and 4G and has the following features -

  • iNet Guardian Parental Control App

    Device access times

    Devices can have access filters applied governing what times of the day they can access the Internet. Limitations can be set so that the device can only access the internet for a certain period of time in 24 hours, such as 2 hours of usage every 24 hours.

  • iNetGuardian Parental Control App

    Anti phishing filter

    Blocks malicious websites who purport to be a legitimate website in order to fool users into entering sensitive data such as user names and passwords.

  • iNet Guardian Parental Control App


    Shows the top 10 sites visited, the amount of time spent on them, top 10 sites that have been blocked, amount of bandwidth consumed and can be filtered per user.

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