Cyber Bullying

We have all read and heard stories about cyber bullying in the media and due to the ease at which cyber bullying can be perpetrated we probably know someone who is being cyber bullied .

In 2014 a report published by “Ditch the label” a leading anti-bullying charity details how people between the ages of 13 and 25 engage with smartphone technology. The reality of the statistics are eye-opening……….

62% of people have received a nasty private messages on social media.

42% of people have received hate based (racism, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic) comments.

Of those who have received abusive messages 52% never reported the abuse.

For those who have experienced abuse –

37% have sent a naked photo and of those people 24% said that the naked photo was shared without their consent.

The report can be found at

How can iNet Guardian help you with Cyber Bullying ?

iNet Guardian allows you to monitor (and if required block) the sites your childs device can access. There are several websites that are renowned for cyber bullying (as they allow people to post anonymously) and some of these sites are automatically blocked in iNet Guardian. You can also manually add in any sites where a child may be exposed to cyber bullying to a block list.

You can monitor where your child goes online and view the websites that they visit on the timeline which is available on the dashboard. This allows you to see if some of the sites renowned for bullying are listed and engage in a conversation with your family to ensure they are staying safe online. The NSPCC provide a course on keeping children safe online

Coming soon with future versions of iNet Guardian we will be implementing a feature to allow a parent to view their childs social media postings to Facebook , Twitter, YouTube and other social sites as well as allowing the parent to monitor for any derogatory SMS text messages. We will also introduce mechanisms to allow parents to control what apps can be used on the device.

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