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We offer a FREE online safety session to schools, childrens sports clubs, Scouts groups, parent groups and any group that is interested in providing either parents or children with information on staying safe online.

Why do we as a company offer a FREE online safety session for parents and children in the UK ?

As a company we believe that information on how to protect your children online should be free. You shouldn`t have to pay to attend an Online Safety Session. We have delivered our Online Safety Session to parents and had some great feedback from the schools whose parents we have talked to.

"The presentation delivered by Paul and co was absolutely appropriate for the rural community and was delivered in a very professional manner. Not only did the team cover the potential risks towards young people being online today but suggested extremely accessible and useful methods for our parents to ensure that their children feel safe making the most of the online environment. They also provided some excellent resources for them to take away which were gratefully received."

A Richardson, Year 6 Class Teacher, Chartridge Combined School.

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"We were very pleased with the professional manner in which the appointment was made and delivered. The workshop, to 180 pupils, was fast paced and informative, engaging all our pupils from seven to eleven years old. The pupils were all delighted to receive a goodie bag and this led to further esafety conversations in class after they had shared and discussed the contents with their parents. Parents reported the workshop was very informative, even our most esafety savvie parents said they picked up some very useful tips."

C Reed, Bosmere Junior School, Havant

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The session for adults is 1.5 hours long and for children its 45 mins long and we make sure it is up to date with the latest in the world of online safety.

FREE goody bags for every attendee.

If you would like a FREE online safety session to a Parent Group, School Children, Scout Group, Sports Club or any other collective group of parents or children please get in contact with us either through the Contact Us section of the website or email

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